A review of a client’s entire Governance Portfolio

It is during this phase where we look at the entity in its entirety and cover at least the following:

  • High risk issues contained in current policies
  • Compliance to legislation and regulation
  • Best practice principles

A tailor-made portfolio of Policies

During this phase, we spend sufficient time with management and staff to ensure that policies are personalised to each organisation and that it can be practically implemented. Our policies are written to the satisfaction of the applicable laws and to the key stakeholders of each organisation.


During this phase, policies have already been approved (signed) by top management and implemented. This maintenance happens when laws/regulations change, when there are changes to management and/or policy, when new policies have to be written or when there are other support requirements regarding Governance.

Other Services Include:

(These services do not form part of our standard service offering and will be priced individually.)

  • Risk Management Processes
  • Governance Training (with relevant stakeholders)
  • Policy Training
  • Policy Implementation
  • Disciplinary Processes