Business History

Vasilias realised that there was a lack of either knowledge and/or time when it comes to the concept of creating and implementing solid and compliant governance structures in organisations.  Research showed that especially schools, public and independent, small businesses and Non-Profit Organisations do not have either the skill, resources, time and/or knowledge to focus on governance in their respective organisations.

We have a collective governance experience of over 40 years and focus on adding value and business enhancement through day-to-day governance operation.  Our first assignment for a public school was completed in late 2014.  Since then, we have worked with many organisations such as Private schools, Public schools, Special schools, Non-Profit Organisations and small businesses/companies.

We strive to ensure that the unique characteristics of each entity is expressed through efficient and effective governance structures in operation.  Even though there are certain laws and regulations that apply to all entities, no two are managed exactly the same nor do they have the same goals.


Some of our clients include:

Alma Mater International School
Casa do Sol School
Casa do Sol Association
Ripple Reading
Tender Home Based Care
Fourways High School
Forest Town School
Jozua Naude Primary School
Ferndale High School
Blair Atholl Primary School
Uitsig Primary School


Our pricing, like our service, is tailor-made to each client’s individual environment and circumstances. We offer our clients 2 pricing models namely:

1. Subscription Service (minimum 24 months)

a) Review of a client’s entire Governance Portfolio
b) Tailor-made portfolio of Policies
c) Governance Maintenance (updates, changes, additions)

2. Once-off Service

Each service event is charged separately
a) Review of a client’s entire Governance Portfolio
b) Tailor-made portfolio of Policies
c) Maintenance (updates, changes, additions)